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Title: The O'Reilly Letters
Rating: K (Suitable for ages 13 and above)
Disclaimers: With the exception of Malachi Reddington and Cornelius Noonan, all names given are fictional. The mentioned characters Tony Carpullo, Bill Meinertzhagen, and Captain McCawley were RP characters belonging to others. All other named characters are mine.
Summary: The incomplete collection of letters exchanged between a US soldier and his friends and family. 7/23
Author's Note:  These letters were originally posted as supporting extras on a WWII RP. They were fun to write and I might add one or two more in future.

10th October 1942
USS Ulysses S. Grant

Dear Peter,

Ma told me before I left Boston that your sentence was going to be up soon. The middle of next month if I remember right. I hope that doing a stretch has put you right. Ma still thinks you ain't done what all you did but she believed every word you told her before the cops came to get you. She's said ever since that the Devine boys set you up. I don't think that's all of the truth but it doesn't much matter now because it's done and over and gone.

I asked Ned Brennan and Jack Toolan to meet you when they let you out so there won't be any trouble before you get home. There better not be trouble either because Ma ain't in good health any more and doesn't need to worry about you on top of the rest of us. You should have heard about James by now. When he comes home, he doesn't need to be caught all up in any thing bad either. Staying clear of the Devine boys will stop a lot of it but you got to go straight and stay that way or you'll end up right back inside.

The boys at the firehouse have been looking in on Ma and Kat and everyone regularly too and they know to keep an eye out. Old man McGinnis said he'd take you on at his shop if you was willing tho' you got to be careful on account of him being so particular about what's done how in the shop. If you talk to Blind Barry you should get a good bunch of advice on what to do and every thing. He used to work there for a lot of years.

You should send James a note. We all have already done even tho' he can't write any thing himself on account of his hands being all burned. I ain't heard where Patrick or Francis is except that they're somewhere in the Pacific.

Signalman 2nd Class James D. F. O'Reilly
San Diego Navy Hospital
San Diego 33, California

I think that's the address any way but Ma or Kat or Susan will know better.

You ain't ever met Mikey or little Peg or they met you so that will be hard for them when you turn up. Mikey likes playing soldiers and if you was to take him up to the park by the railway lines with his collection you'd do well with him, so long as Kat agrees. She's been helping look after Ma and the laundry business so don't give her any trouble. I'm going to tell you out straight that if you do any thing to cause those women grief, especially Ma, you and me will have a problem.

If you don't write back I won't mind. There ain't much we got to say to each other really. Stay clear of the Devine boys and for God's sake don't touch a gun again, that's the kind of trouble that will get a lad killed.

Your brother,



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