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Title: The O'Reilly Letters
Rating: K (Suitable for ages 13 and above)
Disclaimers: With the exception of Malachi Reddington and Cornelius Noonan, all names given are fictional. The mentioned characters Tony Carpullo, Bill Meinertzhagen, and Captain McCawley were RP characters belonging to others. All other named characters are mine.
Summary: The incomplete collection of letters exchanged between a US soldier and his friends and family. 10/23
Author's Note:  These letters were originally posted as supporting extras on a WWII RP. They were fun to write and I might add one or two more in future.

22nd October 1942
No. 8

Darling Joe,

Harry Turner has just been round to say that a mail ship is going out tomorrow so I am hurrying this letter out while I have a quiet minute. Five of the boys from the firehouse were in yesterday and they fixed up the wall in the front room just like new. Freddy Barnes said the studs were rotten so they took the whole wall apart and rebuilt it, then Gerry Smith's brother came by to do a new layer of plaster and paper. All they wanted was a meal for payment so Susan and I made sure none of them left hungry. Freddy helped us after a while but he likes being in the kitchen and he was welcome there I'll tell you.

I went to see Doctor Healy today because I've been feeling poorly the past couple of weeks and he told me what I thought was happening was true. Mikey will have a sibling in a few months. Everyone was over the moon when I got home and told them. It's the very best of news! Your ma has been the most lively I've seen her in weeks and I think the prospect of another grandchild cheers her up a lot. Mikey doesn't know what the fuss is all about though. I'm not showing at all so he's confused but he's also happy to see all of us happy. What will we call it? I'm partial to Clara if it's a girl. Susan has suggested Sean if it's a boy and I like the sound of that, too. What do you think?

There's a package I'm sending you with tomorrow's mail so I'm going to close now so I can finish with that. I hope you're still doing well and are behaving yourself. We're all thinking of you.

All my love,



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