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Title: The O'Reilly Letters
Rating: K (Suitable for ages 13 and above)
Disclaimers: With the exception of Malachi Reddington and Cornelius Noonan, all names given are fictional. The mentioned characters Tony Carpullo, Bill Meinertzhagen, and Captain McCawley were RP characters belonging to others. All other named characters are mine.
Summary: The incomplete collection of letters exchanged between a US soldier and his friends and family. 19/23
Author's Note:  These letters were originally posted as supporting extras on a WWII RP. They were fun to write and I might add one or two more in future.

Nov. 16, 1942
Engine Co. 33
941 Bolyston St.
Boston, MA

Dear Joe,

You won't have heard of this yet because you're so far away but I oughta be the first to tell you. There was a three-alarm fire in Luongo's Tap early yesterday morning. We turned out to help and it wasn't bad at first. Just a good working fire. You'd know the kind. Then a big brick wall along one side of the place came down. No warning or anything. Just came down. We had boys inside with hose lines when it did. That was around 4 AM. It got real bad then. Chief Pope made it five alarms then. They was all crushed and buried and it took us the whole of the day to get everyone out. Marines and sailors and Coast Guard boys were called up to help us. It was just bad. The boys that could get themselves out did. We had to dig for everybody who couldn't. It took us five hours to get Eddie Macomber out. You oughta remember him. He was from Engine 12. He was first. Then it was Frankie Degan, from Engine 3. Took us till afternoon to get to him. Then we found Mal. He was still alive when we got him out. I don't know for sure how but he was. We got him out of there and up to City Hospital just as fast as we could. Gerry was already up there because he'd got a lot of smoke in him and had his arm broken by some of the bricks. He made it. Mal didn't. They told us late last night. Six of the boys died and a lot of others were hurt. Something like fifty, I think.

Boss says Mal's funeral will be on Wednesday the 18th. We're all going. Even Gerry. Sorry that this is only bad news but I figured you oughta know and hear it from me because I was there.


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